Our Journey


PRO-TEC Deutschland was founded in Germany by Mr Werner Urban. It became the leading manufacturer of automotive chemicals producing high performance products and maintenance concepts with a worldwide market presence. The products are uniquely formulated and widely used for motor vehicles and industrial plants.


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As the company evolved in tandem with global market demands, Chemisch Technische Producktions (CTP-GmbH) was incorporated in Germany as an innovative and environmental conscious company developing, producing and marketing customer oriented and environmental friendly products of high quality and efficiency. It provides a complete range of products for the care and maintenance of motor vehicles as well as household products based on its sophisticated product technology.


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In line with the global business expansion into countries of Asia and Asia Pacific, a joint-venture with our business partner Action Bluemotive Asia Limited (ABA) was incorporated. Mr Albert Lim (Managing Director of ABA) is solely responsible for the business expansion and development in countries of this region with its principle role of supplying, distributing, and marketing products manufactured and produced by CTP.

This business partnership has led to a successful market network and customer base in this region and the increasing number of customers, dealers and distributors are working with ABA to continue gaining a competitive edge in this industry and sustainability for future growth and partnerships.

Shortly after, the creation of a new community summarising everything under one umbrella was enacted – the bluechemGROUP (BCG)


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We are proud to be recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance automotive chemical products in the automotive industry. Our specialised teams are committed to continuous research and development for the most effective products enabling our business members to present a professional and competent customer service at all times.

The products under the brand name of Protec, Bluechem and Auto Profi Shop have been tested and certified for effectiveness and safety by the Government Controlled Standards Institute (TUV) and many more Quality Control Standards (DIN EN ISO BS). The trademarks exist in the entire distribution network in more than 120 countries.