What is the TÜV?

The TÜV is an abbreviation for Technische Überwachungs Verein which was founded in the 2nd half of the 19th century to protect people, environment and real assets from negative influences of technology. It is the world’s largest independent and officially recognized body who are responsible in Germany for the technical control and checking and testing of all sorts of things. They test for example private and commercial road vehicles for roadworthiness every two years – similar to the Ministry of Transport test in the UK. They also test the safety of machines and plants in the industry, automotive manufacture, electrical household goods and the contents of products which are offered to the general public and many other things. They are a body of engineers who are specialized in the various mentioned fields. All German manufacturers have their products tested by the TÜV. If a product has been tried and tested and finally issued with a TÜV Certificate, then it is in very high recognition of that product and practically with a quality guarantee.

bluechem is the first manufacturer and distributor of automotive petrochemical products who have been granted the TÜV Certificate!

This is an enormous feather in our cap as other manufacturers have been talking about it for a long time without actually doing anything about it. Now we have confirmation that our products actually do what we say they do – and we have a highly qualified certificate to prove it!