Automatic Transmission Conditioner

Automatic Transmission Conditioner

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This powerful additive package can reduce friction, improve shifting and help recondition seals and gaskets resulting in smoother gear changes and improved component life. This semi synthetic product represents the latest development in transmission fluid technology. The finely balanced formulation is compatible with all A.T.F. products. As a fluid, it exceeds all current specifications for passenger vehicle Auto Transmissions Fluids.
Applicability & Scope

For all torque converter, CVT and DSG transmissions (except wet clutch)

Key Benefits

bluechem_benefit_opePerformance Optimisation
bluechem_benefit_clrComponent Longevity
bluechem_benefit_opeMaintenance Reduction


Not Flammable
Unaffected by Frost
Immediate Impact


Contains 300ml solution per unit
Consume whole

Simply add to transmissions. Reduce the fill of auto transmission fluid by the contents of the bottle.