Automatic Transmission Flush

Automatic Transmission Flush

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The Automatic Transmission Flush provides the following benefits:

  • Complete removal of contaminants, oxidised oil residues, and other deposits from the entire gear oil system
  • Reduction of unpleasant noise
  • Ensures a safe and smooth operation of the transmission
  • Optimises the switching behavior
  • Avoid costly repairs

The whole system is thoroughly cleaned.

Applicability & Scope

In all kinds of automatic transmissions

Key Benefits

bluechem_benefit_opePerformance Optimisation
bluechem_benefit_clrComponent Longevity
bluechem_benefit_opeMaintenance Reduction


Not Flammable
Unaffected by Frost
Delayed Impact - 10 to 15 minutes


Contains 300ml solution per unit
Consume whole

Add the product to the oil system before exchanging the gear oil. Run the system for approximately 10-15 minutes under frequent load alteration. Then carry out the exchange of the gear oil in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions.