Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel System Cleaner

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The Fuel System Cleaner removes operational caused contamination in the entire fuel system, from the tank to the combustion chambers. It removes resin and stickiness from the carburetor and injector nozzle areas as well as carbon residues and soot deposits within the entire upper cylinder area. Humidity and condensation is eliminated in the complete fuel system and the product also lubricates and protects the upper cylinder area.
Applicability & Scope

Motor vehicles, motorcycles, and other high performance engines (e.g. ships and boats, Go-Carts, racing motors, lawn mowers, etc.)

Key Benefits

bluechem_benefit_opePerformance Optimisation
bluechem_benefit_clrComponent Longevity
bluechem_benefit_opeMaintenance Reduction


Unaffected by Frost
Immediate Impact


Contains 250ml solution per unit
Consume whole with 20L to 60L of fuel

Add the Fuel System Cleaner into the fuel tank at every service interval. On the occasion of difficult cases, cleaning should be carried out by using the product directly on the surface to be cleaned. If spilled onto paintwork surfaces, rinse off immediately with clean water. Fuel System Cleaner is not a fuel back-up! The Fuel System Cleaner is burnt together with the fuel and is ejected through the exhaust system.