Oil System Care

Oil System Care

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The Oil System Care provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces oil and fuel consumption
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Prevents contamination in the oil and lubricant circulation
  • Neutralises harmful engine acids
  • Prevents the hardening of seals
This leads to an overall increase in performance. Running noise in large aggregates such as planetary gears and translations will be reduced ensuring continuous lubrication over the entire temperature range. Oil System Care uses ashless ingredients and is free from heavy metals.
Applicability & Scope

Use in oil and lubricant circulation of 4-stroke and diesel engines, manual gearboxes, differentials and heavy-duty equipment such as marine engines or emergency power generators as well as bearing rollers of conveyor belts. Ideal for vehicles, in which vegetable oil, rapeseed oil methyl ester (RME) or vegetable methyl ester (PME) is used.

Key Benefits

bluechem_benefit_opePerformance Optimisation
bluechem_benefit_clrComponent Longevity
bluechem_benefit_opeMaintenance Reduction


Unaffected by Frost
Immediate Impact


Contains 200ml solution per unit
Consume whole with full oil capacity (max of 6L)

Add to oil system. We recommend an oil system cleaning with Oil System Cleaner before using this product. Total Oil capacity according to manufacturer specifications must be observed. For use in vehicles with wet clutch manufacturer’s instructions must be observed. Replace in transmissions, differentials or belt systems 10 % of the amount of oil through Oil System Care.